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Welcome to The Refuge Community


Our vision as a family of faith is to create a healthy church culture that sustains itself for multiple generations. There are three commonalities of multi-generational churches in North America. These commonalities are:

•  Access to Pastoral Leadership
•  Mid-sized Church
•  Elementary Schools

Having a multi-generational church empowers the grace of God to be expressed in the local community. Join us in fulfilling our call as a faith community where everyone has a place to serve God!

Dr. Rob Covell
Freedom. Healing. Hope. Family.

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“Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the lord,
and he will repay him for his deed.”

Proverbs 19:17


Worship, Flags, Dance, Creativity, Spirit-led Self-expression We are part of the New Apostolic Reformation movement where we allow the Church to be the Church; power to be power; and God to be God in His people. We encourage freedom in our expressions of worship, as we are called to reform the expression of Christianity in one generation.


Physical, Inner Healing, Pastoral Counseling, Communion  We are fighting a theological battle for the goodness of God. We fight this battle by worshiping God in Spirit, by teaching God’s Word in Truth and by bringing Christ’s Atonement into all areas of our life and health. God is a good, good Father. He is our Healer & our Deliverer.


The expectation of God’s goodness in our lives We believe freedom and hope is imparted in the manifest presence of God where we gain victory though this experiential knowledge of His love, united in Christ together, connecting with God through prayer, worship and encouragement as a community.


Connection, Marriage, Children, Community Godly families are the foundation of a healthy society. Children are a sign of God’s promise to us for hope and a future among our generations. At Refuge, we seek to develop healthy, happy and whole individuals and families. art credit: Scot Saunders